12 Ultimate Habits to Become Unstoppable
Roy, Joy & Joey Martina

They'll take you further than anything else you've ever tried.

Activate them now to become unstoppable.

"I have experienced Joy & Roy Martina, (authors of Sleep Your Fat Away) in a session and I am very impressed with their method."

- Jack Canfield
Originator of the 100 million-copies-sold Chicken Soup for the SoulsĀ® series

Dear Friend,

What I want to share with you is important as you get the chance to rewire your brains and reprogram your mind for the lifestyle and success you want!

You are at war with your sub-mind!
There is a guerrilla war raging deep inside of your mind.
Your dreams, desires, your beliefs, and your drive PULL you toward your goals. Toward abundance, a better life, better health, better relationships and more enjoyment and passion.
Most of all you are pulled toward inspiring achievements and success.

Subconscious sabotage
But as soon as you start to make any progress...
Your subconscious mind PUSHES you back!
You can ask this to millions of people who every year start with a list of resolutions, they want to make the changes and they really are serious to do so, but after a few days or weeks they give up.

Sounds familiar? Losing weight, stop smoking; exercise regularly, more time for relationship, meditation, etc.

More than a temporary roadblock, your mind actually PREVENTS you from reaching most of your dreams. No matter how badly you want to change to improve who you are, what you own, and what you stand for, your sub-mind simply won't allow it.

You may be already successful at certain levels, you may be making lots of money, yet you know there is so much more possible than you are achieving right now.

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The comfort zone dilemma
It's because the wiring of your brains is much STRONGER than your goals, beliefs, passion and even your actions! Not only are we creatures of habits, but we are wired in such a way that our subconscious mind will react when we get out of our comfort zone!

Our comfort zone is determined by our habits and the only way some people get out is by having incredible willpower and self-discipline, if you can do something long enough (minimal 21 days, optimal 100 days) you will be able to create new wiring of your brains, that is very difficult for most people to achieve.

Where is the secret when you need it?
The secret was an enormous hype created by incredible powerful marketing and was followed by millions, but in the end less than 10% really achieved what they wanted.
Lots of people followed the instructions but came up empty handed.

The power of the sub-mind
You want to increase your income without sacrificing your family or your free time.
You want to expand your sphere of influence and make a bigger difference in the world.
You want to stop engaging in destructive behaviors that sabotage your happiness, and replace them with life-enriching choices.

You want better health, lose weight, feel happy and enjoy life to the fullest.
But your sub-mind stops you in your tracks by saying "NO", making you feel stuck. Leaving you to wish, hope, and settle or simply give up!

Sounds familiar? I have been there done that many times over and over. It was very depressing when I read the goals I had written down for 7 years in a row and each year I wished for the same and after 7 years I was still stuck in the merry go round. Until we found the breakthrough!

So settle no more, because today there's a NEW simple way to put an end to this internal war.

Make your sub-mind say YES! and create the life you deserve
By learning this NEW way, one of our clients Jeffrey from Germany, earned one year's income in less than 120 days.

Another client, learned it and lost 20 pounds in just 60 days WITHOUT stress or dieting.

Our 16-year-old son George was so inspired that he turned from a shy boy to a confident person interested in creating his future instead of being passive and he is now building up his own business with network marketing and already has passive income that is more than we give him as an allowance in less than 3 months.

And there are others who stopped smoking, changed careers, and their lives in ways that they could not even have imagined before.

To an outsider, these seem like amazing feats. Well, they are. But they are also pretty typical once you learn to end this guerrilla-war between yourself and your sub-mind.

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Knowledge without proper action is just potential
Many of our students already have a good basic understanding of what to do to have a more fulfilling life.

They know
  • How to set goals.
  • How to use the power of thought.
  • How to visualize.
  • How to make vision boards and how to make them work
  • How to take the right action to get the results they want.

Everyone teaches how to become successful but that knowledge is rarely enough to combat the unbending unconscious habits of your sub-mind.

If you are serious about finally making your hopes and dreams your everyday reality,

You must first learn how to REWIRE YOUR BRAINS to become successful way beyond your dreams!

What we are talking about is how to simply install new Ultimate Habits that will push you way past the success you desire instead of you pushing yourself forward to your dreams. You have heard of dreaming big, we are talking of even dreaming bigger, bigger can you can imagine in the range of impossible where you are way out of your comfort zone and you even do not know how to get there because it is way too big!

In NLP you learn to make SMART goals, they need to be realistic and achievable! Now we are saying you should dream bigger than is realistic and achievable!
We know that sounds a little strange. Even counter intuitive and impossible even.

That's only because the concepts we're about to teach you have never before been unearthed in the world of personal development.

They are as original as Einstein's statement:

Insanity is to keep doing the same thing but expect a different result!

This IS what's next. In fact, many of our students ask us the same thing:
"Why haven't I ever heard of this before?"

Because it never existed in this form before. We found a way to download the resources, beliefs and experience of the healthiest, wealthiest most successful version of our future selves and a new system was born by accident!

You see, there are many probable futures possible for you, there is one where you are miserable poor and out of luck, there is another one where you are doing OK and there is also at least one where you have accessed the most of your resources and have developed into the wiser, wealthier, healthier version of you NOW!

That is the one we are looking for! It took us months of experimenting before formulating this as we were working on making Roy's back with two degenerated discs healthier.

In fact, it even took us by surprise when we originally discovered it when we stopped our businesses to move to the USA and had to start over, we were searching for something new powerful and original and especially fast working.

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We are the Ultimate Results Team:
Dr. Roy Martina - Dr. Joy Martina - Joey Martina

We are three experts in coaching and helping people become more successful and happy with their lives.

Let's take Dr. Joy Martina as an example:

"For most of my life, I considered myself the world's most over educated underachiever. I believed that good grades would enable me to live a rich and rewarding life; I even skipped a grade, graduated from high school at the top of my class, and received multiple scholarships.
Then the underachieving part: After college, I found myself in a series of dead-end jobs, hating each one more than the last.

At age 35, after suffering through an unhappy relationship and a divorce, I found myself struggling as a single mother. Financially I was doing OK, but I was not happy and stressed by doing too much at the same time.

This wasn't the life I had pictured for myself.
You see, like you, I had spent years reading and listening to all of the self-growth gurus. I memorized sessions. I could recite quotes. I knew this stuff forwards and backwards.
I knew everything there was to know about how to succeed. Except actually doing it.

Then quite by accident, I finally discovered the secret and the answer that changed my entire life. I realized how to ALLOW myself to succeed.

As much as I wanted to reach my goals and fulfill my destiny and my conscious desire, I was also unconsciously engaging in habits that were preventing me from succeeding.
In essence, I was trying to reach my destination of a better life by driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.

Sputtering and crawling with my foot on the brake of living, it was no wonder I was not happy, and questioning my future.

After meeting Roy and learning his methods, together we discovered the very solution that would take my foot off the brake FOREVER: The Ultimate Habits to become Unstoppable were born!

Not only did these remarkably effective and simple Ultimate Habits change MY life, they've given thousands of people around the world the answers in THEIR own search for abundance, fulfillment, and happiness!"

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Take your foot off the brake and RACE to the new life you want!
I bet you have incredible goals for yourself:

  • More free time to spend with your family.
  • A career that makes you look forward to Mondays
  • Mutually satisfying relationships
  • Less stress
  • More money to enjoy the good things in life.

Yes, it's possible you'll reach some of them using the old, traditional way of learning HOW TO succeed. But if you do, you'll no doubt crawl there.
Because as much as you want and desire change, you are engaged in destructive habits that you aren't even aware of!

Your conscious desire to change is your foot on the GAS. But your brain's desire to NOT change is your other foot on the BRAKE.
What we discovered... and this has been proven by THOUSANDS of people who have turned around their businesses, relationships, and financial futures is a proven way to permanently remove your foot from the brake!

By connecting with the greatest, grandest future self we will succeed quicker in eliminating the causes of self-sabotage and the unconscious habits that stop us from achieving our goals, not only do you reach your goals faster!

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Your success becomes automatic and inevitable
Remember, I hold the title of the world's most overeducated underachiever. So you had better believe I tried every personal achievement solution that existed.

Then I took my foot off the brake by following the system of The Ultimate Habits, a fully integrated system that easily (and subconsciously) replaces all of your negative and destructive habits with positive and rewarding ones.

We've witnessed first-hand, the remarkable results that happen when our clients and organizations apply the real-world, tested principles and strategies we're going to teach to you.

Easily change the ONE thing that will allow you to change ANYTHING
After we discovered the Ultimate Habits System and turned our own lives around, we realized it was our mission and responsibility to bring this teaching to those who were ready to move into a new life of true wealth, fulfillment, love, and joy.

It's our great honor to present our first
One Year - 12 lessons - online program:

The Ultimate Habits System: The New Science for becoming Unstoppable!

Through this multimedia program consisting of
  • 12 audio & video sessions and
  • The Ultimate Habits Action Guide
You'll learn how to easily change the one thing:  your unconscious destructive habits.
This has the power to change your whole life.

By mastering the 12 Ultimate Habits, you can expect measurable differences in four of your most significant life areas:

        1. Your Relationships: You will meet, attract, and create deep bonding and mutual beneficial relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

        2. Your Self-Confidence: You will gain a new sense of value and appreciation for who you are, leading to heightened levels of energy, genius, and creativity. Your self-esteem, self-worthiness, and self-reliance will be unmatched.

        3. Your Finances: You will create a far more abundant lifestyle for yourself and your family, while at the same time you will become more fulfilled through your career.

        4. Your Happiness: You will experience a renewed zest and enthusiasm for life. Plus, expect a sense of peace and fulfillment from knowing that you are living the life meant for you.

It is up to you now to make the commitment to change your life, here some important things to remember:

21 days minimum to a new Habit
In Westerns science they found it takes 21 days minimum to create a new habit so it will stick, that is why we are doing one Habit a month so we know for sure it will be implemented deep into your subconscious mind.

One year to 12 Ultimate Habits
In China the Qi-Gong masters found that it takes 100 days of practice to open the energy channels to make the flow through the body on autopilot. We created a structure over 1 year so the most important 3 Habits are integrated each for at least 100 days creating a very powerful foundation to build the other habits to the lifestyle you desire.

Make it easy so it is sustainable
The secret to this method is the simplicity of it, you watch a short video explaining the months focus, you listen to an audio to give your conscious mind the explanation it needs and then twice a day you listen to another audio that is made to create in your brain the connections (synapses) to make the new Habit go on auto-pilot. You can listen to this audio when you are going to sleep or use it as a meditation audio to relax. No extra time needed. Then you have your journal to keep track of your progress.

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Joy, Joey & Roy Martina
Your trainers
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